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Why is Mobile Advertising important? Moving forward, will it affect the trends in advertising? Read more here
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Trends in Mobile Advertising

Trends in Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising, as we are all aware about are advertisement that is view via our Smart phone. But what is it that we should look out for in 2016?

Late last year on Entrepreneur, it talked about what would be the next big thing in Mobile advertising that we ought to look out for. Here are some of the takeway points:

  • Content marketing will improve the mobile marketing experience.
  • Instead of BIG data, it’s about accurate data on mobile
  • Video on mobile is growing, and targeting by location is key.
  • Virtual reality will create new ad formats.
  • Beyond cross-screen, mobile marketers will align unified screens with in-store touch points.
  • Say goodbye to ad ‘noise’ on mobile, say hello to more personal and relevant experiences,

So what exactly is the big woo-ha? As consumers are more glued to their mobile phones than ever, businesses are in tune to keep up the trend by taking on new method (including unorthodox methods) in reaching out their target consumers. One  of the mediums that are we are exposed on a daily basis are Facebook Ads. But is there more to Facebook advertising that we ought to more aware of?

With the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram by Facebook, advertisement are not just merely an ad but more demographics oriented. Mention in an article “When targeting parents, Facebook mobile is 2-3 times more effective on a cost per acquisition basis than desktop. There are many theories as to why: mobile is more simple, the platform is driven by that powerful push notification and because we have our phones one us at all times, that notification pulls us into the experience.” See what we mean? One of the important point mention in the article was about rewarding user experience.

It’s all about rewarding not interrupting the user experience.

Notice how mobile ads would suddenly pop out when we are awaiting for the next level in a game? This is what regarded as an interrupting of user experience, whereby we were “forced” to watch a video from beginning to the end.  While it may seemly be engaging for user experience in business POV, users had to be interrupted and generally do not have the patience or tolerance to sit through.  Of course, there are some companies or mobile app that rewards user when watching a video or answering survey for a virtual rewards.

Yet advertising exists for a reason: it allows us to pay to produce the content consumers want.

In the recent months, the popular social media platform – Instagram started to produce ads and there were backlash from numerous of users as they see it as an evil advertising invasion. Of course, there were other media platform that successfully avoid the backlash by creating and enhancing a positive user experience; using the product the way it was created to be used.

How business can think strategically with mobile advertising. 

The next question that comes naturally would be, what is your mobile strategy going to be? How are you going to executive it. This boils down to two crucial items : apps and advertising. Are we talking about investing through mobile applications that customers interact with your business, or are you intending to invest in mobile marketing and advertising that’s going to expose your business to them?

Those are important questions to any company, and especially to startups or small companies with finite budgets to invest in their mobile presence. And your answers will depend on your company and your goals. (source)

Ads drive awareness and action.

So how can we make ads that drives awareness and action? – Good creative graphic design

A good graphic design not only make something looks goods but at the same time organise and deliver business goals and objectives in a message that is tasteful and impactful. However, we need to note that for the message to hit it’s target, it will require a right combination of image, headline.

Misconception such as “pretty pictures” will do the job. Nope! It’s actually the presentation and organising and well planned market concepts that works hand in hand to deliver the message in a good-looking package. Yet many business forget how important and crucial a creative agency can help the business.

Thus to ensure that your business is doing it right especially in the mobile advertising trend, approach us. Because a good graphic design can make or break a business.

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