brainchild | Things improved when it was discovered he had mismatched feet
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Things improved when it was discovered he had mismatched feet

Things improved when it was discovered he had mismatched feet

Esposito saw limited duty that season, playing 27 games; his skating remained suspect, keeping him a step behind the pace of play. Things improved when it was discovered he had mismatched feet and needed different size skates. And Black Hawks coach Billy Reay had “Espo” and teammate Ken Hodge work out with Bobby Hull, a superior skater and the NHL’s most dynamic player.

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Then she met Karrie Schaaf, YMCA youth development director, who helped her apply for a federal grant under the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re Housing Program, which provides supplemental funding for an apartment for up to one year while helping the client with education and job training. Jones is working on earning her GED. Very grateful and very patient, Schaaf said.

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