brainchild | On its front page was a tribute to its slain editor in chief
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On its front page was a tribute to its slain editor in chief

On its front page was a tribute to its slain editor in chief

moncler jackets cheap India News Edited by Nidhi Sethi Saturday June 16, 2018The morning after senior journalist Shujaat Bukhari was shot dead outside his office, the Rising Kashmir, the newspaper that he started and edited, made it to the stands in the Valley. On its front page was a tribute to its slain editor in chief, who was counted among Kashmir’s balanced voices. His life size portrait against a black background was.. moncler jackets cheap

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In fairness, I have never been a soldier and the closest I have been to someone who had served were family members who fought in WW2 and Vietnam. I don understand the mindset it takes to kill for your country, and maybe I shouldn hold words like that against him. Maybe both..

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