brainchild | It is always a pleasure to know that you have enjoyed your
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It is always a pleasure to know that you have enjoyed your

It is always a pleasure to know that you have enjoyed your

But wait! Catch 22. Stray too far from the original source material, and you get something like the completely bonkers “Super Mario Bros.” (1993) movie. It gets credit for an attempt at originality, but when the new direction leads to a meteorite splitting the universe into two parallel dimensions, one where some dinosaurs survive and evolve into a humanoid race, resulting in Bowser/King Koopa? Game over.

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Amazing. As I walked out of the Ladies Room, I recalled that poster found in Mother Teresa’s room with a poem on it, one apparently written by someone for their graduation. One of the lines came back to me which describes the sort of love alive and well in people like Fiona, Joey, and, I suspect, you, as well.

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How? President Obama gives a couple of targeted reasons. Huge inequality can make us more vulnerable to economic instability, and a weak middle class makes stronger recoveries and innovations less likely to happen. Huge inequalities can “distort our democracy,” making it harder for government to answer the needs of the people.

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Cheap Valentino Democrats are taking a stand on immigration on a totally unrelated spending bill: If the government shuts down, it’s likely that more Democrats will have voted against a spending bill than Republicans. And thatgives Republicans an opening to argue that Democrats shut down the government. “The point is: Who’s not funding the government, and why?” said Josh Holmes, a former top aide to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R Ky.) Cheap Valentino.

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