brainchild | “In the current scenario of rising bond yields and election
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“In the current scenario of rising bond yields and election

“In the current scenario of rising bond yields and election

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moncler outlet Movement in crude oil price, currency and trade wars are some of the macro concerns which will continue to weigh on the market in October.However, any correction is likely to offer an attractive opportunity for investors who want to remain invested in this market for long time.”In the current scenario of rising bond yields and election heavy calendar, it is advisable moncler jacket online to lower allocation to equities with a focus on quality names and contra bets. At a portfolio level, one can cap the maximum equity exposure at 40% levels,” Rajiv Ranjan Singh, CEO, moncler coats for kids Karvy Stock Broking told Moneycontrol.”With regards to fixed income, the current environment presents an opportunity to capture the current high yields by raising exposure gradually moncler outlet uk to cap it at 50%. Investors with a high risk appetite can allocate a portion of this on short term money market funds, to moncler outlet online capture the high yields propelled by credit events and tight liquidity,” he said.However, some experts feel that investors should avoid lump sum payment in one go into equity markets moncler outlet.

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