brainchild | How Motion Graphics Videos can still help you deliver your message.
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How Motion Graphics Videos can still help you deliver your message.

How Motion Graphics Videos can still help you deliver your message.

Have a tight budget but hopes to present your brand/product in an unique way? Try having it done in motion graphics! Below are a good explanation on the importance of Motion graphics. Hope it helps you understand!

I especially like this explanation:

Motion graphics are staging a coup when it comes to communicating the most information possible in just a short time. Content creators and marketers everywhere are embracing the motion graphic as a sort of salve for the ever-shortening attention span of Internet users.

A great deal of video content is created and consumed every day by Internet users – indeed, something like 72 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube alone every minute. That’s a lot of raw content, but most of us can admit to scrubbing through longer videos to get to the most relevant portions, or quitting altogether if the video goes on a little longer than we’d like.

That’s where motion graphics come in. They condense a great deal of information into a short and visually appealing presentation. They’re a great way to help decrease the risk that a viewer will miss a call to action because they’ve skipped through portions of a longer video.

 Here’s another :

Motion graphics is the latest inclusion in the world of designing. It is simply the graphics but the main difference is that these graphics appear in motion. But the viewing experience of these graphics depend on the quality of the graphics.

One of the main intention of using motion graphics is to offer the viewers the same experience which they get when they watch any other videos which are shot by real cameras and in real surroundings. Motion graphics are mostly used in Animation movies and videos which are quite popular these days specially amongst the kids.

Online animations are based on the concept of the real characters which can either be animals or human beings. These characters are turned into some animated characters which having a specific names for each of them. They are made to some interesting acts, which are most the times funny and these acts are designed in such an aesthetic way that viewers are made to believe that they are real. In spite of being animated they offer the same feel which the real videos give to the viewers.

Animated videos are extremely popular these days and a number of renowned organizations and production and media houses across the world who were till date busy in making real life videos and movies are showing great interest in making animated movies. Followings are some these advantages which have made the motion graphics so popular:

1. Motion graphics can be used in all sectors be it for a serious cause or something lighter such as social awareness programs, child education, gaming sectors training sectors or in entertainment sectors etc.

2. Animation is quite effective in packaging and branding of any product. It can even helps to repackage and rebrand a product which is quite an old and currently going low in the market. Motion graphics also help in demonstrating a new product or a brand to its potential customers.

3. Motion graphics works way far better in attracting the attention of the viewers than static pictures or graphics. This is especially effective for the kids now. This is probably the sole reason why the children are addicted to the cartoon channels now rather than reading comics in books. Sometimes it works effective for the students or the children or for the people who have very short attention span to teach something using motion graphics or through the animated videos which draw their attentions and they learn things very easily and can remember them for long period of time.


Animation is quite effective in packaging and branding of any product.

4. The production cost of animation videos if compared to the cost of shooting for the real videos are quite lower. Animated videos can be shot with few animated characters with same background and with the help of a few software but a real videos shooting is required a number of actors, actresses, supporting cast and crews, lots of equipments and technicians which increase the cost of the production.

5. Use of graphics motion in animation can easily helps to simplify the message of the content carried by the main data. The breaking of an entire data into several part actually helps to present the information in small parts but ultimately it is an attractive and simpler way of showing information.

6. Motion graphics which are used in animations with the help of a number of sketches and latest and updated software are capable of catching every minute details of each character and the surroundings which a real video or cameras cannot always able to catch.

7. Motion graphics can create different characters which can be incorporated into animation videos or movies depending on the type and the age group of the audience they are catering to.

8. Sometimes the motion graphics used in animations become so hit that they take the brand to a different level. Sometimes some characters in animation movies create rage among the people specially the kids and the movie maker take the advantage and launch different products and items on the name of those character which are sol like hot cakes. (Source)

9. New marketing strategy can be established, as visualisation reaches the people easily. In that animation with motion graphics creates an enlightening brand and delivery of the product can be easily done. Anything from scratch or remodelling or rebranding can be easily achieved using motion graphics.

Are you considering doing motion graphics for your product/brand? Drop us an email and we can give you a consultation. We’re more than willing to assit.

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