brainchild | And the position on slavery changed from time to time
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And the position on slavery changed from time to time

And the position on slavery changed from time to time

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Sooooo. Humans and animals need the same rights? Ok, let say that humans and animals are equal. Then we should treat them like proper citizen and make the exact same laws?

canada goose clearance Would you put a wolf on trial for the killing of canada goose outlet vancouver a lamb? canada goose outlet price Or would you accept only “vegan” animals in your weird society? Or is killing animals acceptable if you proved that you can digest veggies? canada goose clearance

canadian goose jacket As a species, making a difference in law between us based on ethnicity is dumb. But as a living being, we need to make a difference between a plant, a cat, a pig and a fellow human. Hell, we even start to see that trees communicate between them and feel PAIN when one of them is cut. It a recent discover, not entirely backed by the scientific community. But think for a second, what if it true? Would you still be eating veggies even if you know they have physical pain? Or would you stop to care because you can hear them cry? Can plants be sentient?Not all animals lives in peace and harmony according to vegan philosophy, which is a human cultural invention made possible by our use of tools and omnivore digestion system. I don like the idea of going against your natural biology but since alternatives exist and we can eat about anything. It ok. canadian goose jacket

canada goose store Speaking of culture, not a single vegan culture (like the Jains or certain Hindu castes) treats animals with equal rights as human. They treat them with respects and created entire civilizations that proved that we can live without using animals. But still they make a difference and have special justification of killing living beings, like pests, sick animals and canada goose outlet legit dangerous predators. Do you think a Western 30 y old invention will be better than traditional cultures that lived though millennials? canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket cheap Personally I find it weird that most vegans are. completely ignoring these cultures and not using them as an example. Maybe because being an anti species is just a dumb invention of Western hipsters? buy canada goose jacket cheap

Speaking of which, my ancestors (I from Western Europe) canada goose outlet sale where eating mainly meat since the Stone Age, according to the skeletons and paintings we found. They where Hunters/Gatherers, but mostly hunters before transitioning to agriculture. And since the Stone Age murder and rape where seen as a bad thing that was regulated under canada goose jacket outlet store primitive law. And the position on slavery changed from time to time. It was not a thing, then allowed, then not, then maybe a little, then according to racial origins, then no more.

So no, animals can be treated as equals to humans. And no, you cannot replace the word “animal” with any kind of minority and makes it an argument. It a fallacious thinking. And it also insulting for the people that lived though these events. And so, deserve different rights in the natural order (and that an other topic : ecology).

canada goose coats So, again, animals are canada goose outlet buffalo not humans. canada goose coats

Indeed, one cannot reasonably make that argument. Happily, no one is making that argument. I think that Lesli Bisgould does a brilliant job addressing this; here a pertinent excerpt/paraphrase from that talk:

canada goose deals We have this notion about human equality, but that not because we actually equal every person is different; some are shorter, some are nicer, some are strong, some are weak, some smart, some musically talented. the interest in living our own lives canada goose outlet uninterfered with by others. canada goose deals

What are the morally relevant differences between humans and other animals that makes it morally acceptable to hurt them in ways that we wouldn hurt one another?

Canada Goose Parka A right is a barrier that exists between you and everyone else who might want to hurt you by exploiting you. The support of animals rights isn the support of the notion that animals get the same rights as humans. It merely to extend the same protections to them that we extend to all sentient beings. Canada Goose Parka

Interesting! So in your view, it would be reasonable and ethical for me to go in to funeral home and fireman carry an old lady copse out of there in front of the grieving canada goose outlet store toronto congregation to use her body in stew for my pigs while using what remains after that in a funzy little taxidermy project, and if anyone stops me I should just remind them that her “corpse goes back to earth one way or the other, worms, scavengers and insects will eat it or a higher animal” and that “this actually gives [her] body back to the earth natural cycle and is actually useful by providing energy to the living”?

Well. In the same way that a rapist can be a feminist, or a bigot can be a humanist, so it is that someone who needlessly canada goose outlet paypal kills sentient individuals from other species can also be a speciesist. humans are more complex, by and large, than can be summed up by stating their position on single aspects of issues.

In summary, hunters give many reasons for killing which don canada goose outlet new york stand up as ethically valid under scrutiny. One justification regularly put forward for hunting is that doing so provides sustenance. But as humans have been thriving on plant based diets for as long as there have been humans, this means that eating the bodies of others is almost always done for a taste preference, and not out of necessity. Another justification often offered is that the animal to be killed has a quick and painless death. But by putting this argument forward, one is making the claim that the target has a personal interest in not experiencing pain and suffering. A logical issue with this is that if it acknowledged as problematic to inflict pain or fear on them, then the self interests of the victim are considered valid and worthy of respecting. However, it nonsensical to believe that an individual who canada goose outlet canada doesn want to feel pain canada goose outlet winnipeg would somehow have fewer objections against their life being taken. So if the desires of the creature are honestly being considered, then choosing not to kill him or her is the only reasonable course of action. Any such killing is ethically indefensible, and this can be altered by butchering, eating, or otherwise canada goose outlet in toronto using the victim body afterward. In other words, buy canada goose uk the ends don somehow justify the means.

canada goose Yet another rationalization is that the fees paid for the right to kill these beings fund wildlife protection and preservation efforts, and this means hunters are conservationists. In truth, government run wildlife management agencies in the UK, United States, Canada, and elsewhere exist not to serve the interests of the animals, but primarily to create further hunting opportunities. This is achieved by altering the layout of the land and deliberately eliminating predators of the species to be hunted, and all with the goal of increasing herd sizes well over the effective carrying capacity of their ecological niche. Licenses are then sold to kill a percentage carefully calculated to ensure that another overpopulation happens the canada goose jacket outlet toronto following season. However, there exists a wide range of solutions to these issues instead of killing which are less expensive, more effective, and far more ethical. These include chemical or surgical castration, relocations, adding territorial barriers, flora replacement with plants preferred or disliked by species, introduction of predator species, etc. Given such options, if a hunter concerns are actually focused on conservation efforts for the individuals they hunting, then killing them is neither the reasonable or the ethically defensible solution. canada goose

Canada Goose online On the one hand, you expressing your personal belief that the beings you killing are deserving of ethical consideration where it regards whether they experience pain and suffering by your hand (or by the hand you paying to provide this product to you). You appear to believe that it “wrong” to cause them pain, and that it better to inflict a “more humane” death on him or her. In putting this forward, you making the implicit claim that these animals are unique individuals, each with a canada goose factory outlet sense of self otherwise there would be no entity which is subjectively experiencing (or being spared from) suffering. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Outlet On the other hand, you simultaneously expressing your personal belief that the individuals whose lives you canada goose outlet in new york deliberately and forcibly taking (clearly against their will or desire) aren deserving of ethical consideration where it canada goose outlet uk sale regards whether they live or die by your hand (or by the hand you paying to provide this product to you). Canada Goose Outlet

The problem in this is that it clearly as great (or greater) a violation of an individual to take his or her life than it is to cause that entity pain. Withal, canada goose outlet official it logically follows that if it wrong to cause an individual pain and suffering by your hand, isn it just as wrong (or far more so) to take his or her life?

canada goose black friday sale At least, that how I understand this situation (or via the graphic version, if you prefer). Do you see it differently? canada goose black friday sale

cheap Canada Goose We have all of recorded history demonstrating that persons, groups, and societies have been thriving on plant based diets, and that prior to this there is every reason to believe that humans consumed even less of animals (ref. Paleolithic Lessons). Or, to quote the biologist Rob Dunn (ref: Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarians), “for most of the last twenty million years of the evolution of canada goose outlet in usa our bodies, through most of the big changes, we were eating fruit, nuts, leaves and the occasional bit of insect, frog, bird or mouse. canada goose uk site While some of us might do well with milk, some might do better than others with starch and some might do better or worse with alcohol, we all have the basic machinery to get fruity or nutty without canada goose outlet uk trouble.” cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose sale It is perhaps even more compelling to note that contemporary humans, having much greater access to a variety of resources, have no difficulties at all thriving on a plant based canada goose outlet vip lifestyle, and no reasonable person could argue against this Canada Goose sale.

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